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I will miss my friends who are still in DC.  I’ll miss free museums.  I’ll miss Teddy Roosevelt Island, the woman who works at the amazing little Indian Place near the Crystal City water treatment place and the bus depot, and having a local Vietnamese shopping center.  And a few places I still haven’t told […]

Mmmmmmm Ray’s Hellburger.  You might have heard of it, it was on the Daily Show after Obama and Biden visited (note: clip mentions Smith!!). I can tell you this:  since then, it’s been busy.  Don’t-try-going-on-a-weekend busy.  It was busy before.  It’s painful now.  But it’s really good. The burger can be “au poivre” (coated in […]

Five Guys


This will be my first in a series on my favorite burgers. Burgers are all the hype. From Hubert Keller to former Top Cheftestants, really good burgers or sliders are gaining a place in fast food and haute cuisine. I like burgers. I mean, they don’t even have to actually be good for me to […]

So, my little GoogleMap of many of my favorite places is resisting being an actual map on the side there.  I’m kind of assuming that WordPress is objecting somehow, and so I haven’t tried very hard either.  In any case, I wanted to talk about some of my favorite Boston-area establishments before I forgot them […]