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Penzeys Spices


Recently, on facebook, I mentioned making roasted chickpeas. It’s a simple idea, and quite popular even outside the food blogger world based on the abnormally large number of people who responded to me. But much of the discussion revolved around the spices– everyone had a favorite blend. There were several people who add sugar. Some […]

I will miss my friends who are still in DC.  I’ll miss free museums.  I’ll miss Teddy Roosevelt Island, the woman who works at the amazing little Indian Place near the Crystal City water treatment place and the bus depot, and having a local Vietnamese shopping center.  And a few places I still haven’t told […]

One of the benefits of living in the DC Metro area has been the wealth of free things to do on the weekend.  We’ve been trying to fill in the gaps these past few weeks, doing the things we hadn’t yet done while we’re still here.  So we finally went on a tour of the […]

As a kid, we would sometimes have biscuits.  Made with Bisquick, and often fresh chives from the plant in the backyard (and, by the way, if you want a low light herb garden?  Look into chives.  They even flower!).  They were “drop biscuits”, and they were yummy, but there were no layers.  When my mother […]

Even when something I make isn’t quite worth sharing, it’s usually edible.  My first loaf of bread was NOT. I’ve done a lot of bread since then.  I’ve kneaded bread.  I’ve not kneaded bread.  I have bought unbleached white flour, whole wheat flour, spelt, rye, bread flour.  I own a box of gluten, and buy […]

Saving Money?


My mother raised me to grocery shop carefully. She was such a stickler for coupon use that she tells me that when I was very small, I thought coupons were REQUIRED to make a purchase.  I was raised to comparison shop, to clip coupons, to be ultra-price-sensitive.  Even so, this woman terrifies me: The tips […]

Mmmmmmm Ray’s Hellburger.  You might have heard of it, it was on the Daily Show after Obama and Biden visited (note: clip mentions Smith!!). I can tell you this:  since then, it’s been busy.  Don’t-try-going-on-a-weekend busy.  It was busy before.  It’s painful now.  But it’s really good. The burger can be “au poivre” (coated in […]



Taking a brief break from burgers, I bring you pie, plus math.  Which usually ends up being pi, but isn’t here (click picture for instructable): If I were still at Smith, with access to the shop at Smith or Hampshire, I would be VERY tempted to make this.

Five Guys


This will be my first in a series on my favorite burgers. Burgers are all the hype. From Hubert Keller to former Top Cheftestants, really good burgers or sliders are gaining a place in fast food and haute cuisine. I like burgers. I mean, they don’t even have to actually be good for me to […]

Food at Smith College was pretty amazing for college food. They (usually) knew what was in everything, there was desert all the time (even if I usually couldn’t eat it), and there were enough dining halls so that (even if you had to go to more than one) you could almost always get a full […]