About Me

Once upon a time, this was primarily a food blog.  Now it’s home to whatever writing that doesn’t really belong elsewhere.

I was born and grew up in Rhode Island, spending much of my time in Providence.  I have a soft spot for East Side Pockets, Iggy’s Doughboys, and little Italian bakeries.  I received a varsity letter from my sports-obsessed Catholic high school– not for being captain of the fencing team, but for Academic Decathlon.

I went to Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts, graduating in 2008 with a degree in math.   I spent a summer doing math research at North Carolina State University’s Research Experience for Undergraduates.  I also spent considerable time in the windowless theatre design lab, learning from Ed Check and Nan Zhang.  I lived in Washburn House, which is part of Smith’s equivalent of the Ravenclaw area of campus.  I miss Hungry Ghost bread.

Both in high school and college I was part of the fencing team.  Despite being part of the College Club Women’s Epee Bronze Medal winning squad of 2007, I’m not all that good at the fencing part.  I’m better at the organizational part.  In college, I was (at various points) squad captain, vice president, and president.  I chaired the host committee for the 2008 College Club Nationals.  On the side, I ran tournaments, from the small local scrimmages on my own, to a tournament so big it is called ‘The Big One” (which requires a team).  I currently help to moderate the largest English-speaking fencing discussion forum fencing.net.

After couple years in Arlington, VA.  I’m happy to be back living in the Boston area.  I’m currently working in Benefits Outsourcing, as a 401k Analyst.  No, I can’t tell you how the market’s doing, or what investments to pick, but I can probably tell you what questions to ask to help you figure out what you might want to contribute to your 401k in the first place.

“Coset The Table” rhymes with “Go Set The Table” which I heard a lot as a child—  Cosets are an interesting concept from Abstract Algebra, and many texts will note them as “aH”– my initials.


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