Food List For Matt: Final Version Submitted to Matt

Let me Remind you of the scene:  My life partner Matt and I love food.  We love making it, talking about it, eating it, and then talking about it some more.  But he has some health issues, and it’s been worse recently.  Until recently, he’s been on TPN and couldn’t have anything more than clear liquids.
matt and ashley at dobra tea

But he’s now had surgery!  He is veeeerrrryyyy sslllllooooowwwly becoming able to eat food.  At the moment, it’s slow going.  Bites of things here and there, small quantities, potatoes, eggs, crackers.  But it’s better than NO food, and it’s expected to continue to get better.

He asked me to put together a list of places for him to choose from once he can eat food again. It includes some of our favorite places he’ll want to return, and some places we’ve been meaning to try.  It includes suggestions from blogs, and from all of you.  I’m linking to whatever I think will make sense to help him choose where we eat. I’ve put the ones I’m most excited about in italics.
If I didn’t add your suggestion, it’s probably not personal, I just don’t think that Matt’s going to think that going to your suggested place is a soon-after-surgery priority, and this list is going to be massive enough for him.
Supermarkets/Markets/Places to buy food for later- To Try:

Supermarkets/Markets/Places to buy food for later- Old Favorites:

Asian- Old Favorites:
Asian- To Try:

Burgers- Old Favorites:

Burgers- To try: 

Latin American- Old Favorites:

Latin American– To Try:

Veggie Centric- Old Favorites:

Veggie Centric- To Try:

Italian/Pizza- Old Favorites:

Italian/Pizza- To Try:

Beer and Ice Cream- To Try:

  • Picco (LG) (…. he named this category) (TM) (SE)

Fancy Pants Places- Old Favorites:

Fancy Pants Places- To Try:

Beverages- Old Favorites:

Beverages- To Try:

Sandwiches- Old Favorites:

Sandwiches- To Try:

Other- Old Favorites:

Other- To Try:

Pioneer Valley- Old Favorites:
Pioneer Valley- To Try:
Southern New England- Old Favorites:

Southern New England- To Try:


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