Food List For Matt: One Point Oh

Let me set the scene:  My life partner Matt and I love food.  We love making it, talking about it, eating it, and then talking about it some more.  But he has some health issues, and it’s been worse recently.  At the moment, he’s on TPN and can’t have anything more than clear liquids.
But this is expected to have an end date.  As of right now, it’s expected he’ll have surgery, some time within the next couple months.  It’s expected that after that surgery, he will be able to eat again, and eat more normally than before.  We won’t know until then exactly what it will be like.  How quickly he’ll be able to go back to solid food, what he’ll want to eat, how much energy he’ll have to go out.  We don’t know for sure what on his list of prior sensitivities will be the same, and what might get better (although we have some educated guesses.)

So, here’s where we’re asking for help.  He’s asked me to put together a list of places for him to choose from once he can eat food again.  He does not want to hear about this project until then, so, please, help me keep this under wraps.  But I’m going to be posting various versions of the master list here.  It’s going to include some of our favorite places he’ll want to return, and some places we’ve been meaning to try.  It’s going to include suggestions from blogs, and from all of you.  I’ll be linking to restaurant websites, instagram accounts, reviews, including blurbs from y’all, whatever I think will make sense to help him choose where we eat.
So, let me help you help us:  He dislikes seafood and olives enough he won’t eat them, or eat around them. Let’s assume that everything else, however, is at least a potential “yes”.  He particularly loves burgers, Asian food, and tea. This is very much a work in progress.  And this is for HIM, so, when I say “you”, I mean him.  Most of the places will be in the Boston area (read: Mostly inside of 495) unless mentioned otherwise.  Please don’t eviscerate somewhere I added to “old favorites”, if you think there’s a better option, just say you like it better.  If I don’t add your suggestion, it’s probably not personal, I just don’t think that Matt’s going to think that going to your suggested place is a soon-after-surgery priority, and this list is going to be massive enough for him.
Supermarkets/Markets/Places to buy food for later- To Try:
  • Wegmans Westwood is scheduled to open in Octoberish.
  • Aldi is now local.  I’m not really sure how we didn’t notice this, and it has taken all the willpower I can muster not to mention this to you.
  • Savenor’s Market

Supermarkets/Markets/Places to buy food for later- Old Favorites:

  • Russo’s
  • H Mart
  • Harrow’s
  • Concord Cheese Shop
  • Verrill Farm
  • Cardullo’s
Asian- Old Favorites:
Asian- To Try:
  • Santouka Ramen (TUK) (LG) (B&PB)
  • Mei Mei
  • Yume Wo Katare (TUK)
  • Shojo Boston (TUK)

Burgers- Old Favorites:

  • Shake Shack
  • Tasty Burger (TUK)
  • Five Guys
  • Uburger

Burgers- To try: 

  • I plan on going through the reviews at Boston Burger Blog to grab  better places we haven’t tried yet
  • Wahlburgers- Because sometimes it’s fun to pretend to be a tourist

Central and South America- Old Favorites:

Central and South America- To Try:

Veggie Centric- Old Favorites:

  • Clover

Veggie Centric- To Try:

  • Sweetgreen– Okay, so I’ve tried it, and it wasn’t as good as Chop’t, but it was still pretty good.

Italian/Pizza- Old Favorites:

Italian/Pizza- To Try:

Fancy Pants Places- Old Favorites:

  • South End Buttery
  • Blue Ginger

Fancy Pants Places- To Try:

Beverages- Old Favorites:

  • Boston Tea Stop
  • Bourbon Coffee
  • Petsi Pies
  • Crema

Beverages- To Try:

Sandwiches- Old Favorites:

  • Cutty’s
  • All Star Sandwich Bar

Sandwiches- To Try:

Other- Old Favorites:

  • Saus
  • KO Pies
  • Deluxe Station Diner
  • Fred’s Franks
  • Boston Tea Stop
  • Inna’s Kitchen
  • Flour
  • Redbones
  • Toscaninis

Other- To Try:

  • Union Square Donuts
Pioneer Valley- Old Favorites:
  • Hungry Ghost
  • Woodstar
  • Atkins Farm (cider donuts)
  • Rao’s
Southern New England- Old Favorites:
  • East Side Pockets
  • Haruki East
  • Pastiche
  • Caserta’s
  • Venda Ravioli
  • Patty’s Pierogies
  • Antonio’s
  • Nando’s– Okay, so, I know you probably don’t want to roadtrip to DC any time in the near future.  But I think it’s important that you know that we don’t actually need to travel to the UK to try Nando’s, Metro DC is crawling with them.  Technically we could go to Toronto or Vancouver instead, but that requires passports.

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