Portland OR- Arrived!


Apparently I don’t fly terribly well anymore.  My ears don’t appreciate the altitude/pressure change that happens on the Mass Pike from Boston to Northampton (a change so minor that most people don’t know there IS a change), so this is always predictable, but this flight was worse than usual, despite having the “flitemates” in (they worked well for one ear, which is better than nothing, because I can HEAR today!!).  But I was twitchy and unable to sleep and the In Flight Entertainment system was broken– stuck on the NY Times channel, and we couldn’t listen to it, so it was the same cycle of stories about an Asian woman who found fraud, the re-popularization of oysters, Mark Bittman making a tomato-and-egg scramble, a couple of music videos, and a few other things, over and over again.  We couldn’t turn it off, either. And let me tell you, Aloe Blacc’s The Man was annoying to me before (for the Elton John ripoff), but now that I’ve been subjected to just the video (which has bright flashes of light for the camera flashbulbs) while trying (and failing) to sleep?  That song is DEAD TO ME.  

Matt thought it would be a good idea to adjust more slowly to the time change, so I tried to stay up on Tuesday night, so that I’d sleep in on Wednesday.  That didn’t work, at all.  I may have gone to sleep at 1AM on Tuesday, but it just meant I was even more tired when I woke up at 6:20 AM on Wednesday.  And we had a late flight, so by the time we got to bed, I felt like it was 2AM.  Driving from the airport lateish at night, sleep deprived and grumpy, I felt like the world looked much like a newer version of Boston or Providence.  (No potholes.  Less dingy.  Roads banked correctly.  Light Rail that’s been kept up.  Etc etc). 

And then I woke up (after having slept for a reasonable amount of time.  We got an early and delicious breakfast (corned beef hash!! made out of real corned beef chunks!!) And as I slowly woke up and oriented myself.Image


I find myself in a lush green paradise, where the rhododendrons and azaleas are in full bloom.  The Air BnB place we’re staying (a family’s basement apartment) has a gorgeous backyard, with raised beds growing lettuce, and a water feature.  Across the street there are chickens.  Portland is so…. Portlandy.  


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