The Transition from College to Real Life


Food at Smith College was pretty amazing for college food. They (usually) knew what was in everything, there was desert all the time (even if I usually couldn’t eat it), and there were enough dining halls so that (even if you had to go to more than one) you could almost always get a full meal. My friends and I chose to opt out of the system our senior year, but I really have almost all good things to say about the system (and wonderful things to say about the people).

And the transition from eating at college to eating in the real world are sometimes difficult. It’s also difficult to go from a situation where you might get home to find a roommate making a large dinner and knowing that you’re the only one who might make dinner tonight.

Some nights, it’s just fine to eat leftover mashed potatoes and a can of corn. Some nights, you can go out. But mostly it’s you and the fridge, and you have no idea what to make. What to do? If you go online, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. I follow enough food blogs that I can’t possibly keep up with the food that looks good. Sometimes I can’t even find something that was posted less than a week ago.

My solution? Smith Dining Menus. I may not know what to make, but I know what Smith makes that I like to eat.  I loved when the vegan pierogies were actually vegan (not nearly as often as the website suggests!).  I loved the Shepherd’s pie, both vegan and beefy.  Tonight at Smith, one house had Stir Fry Night, another had Tex Mex night, but most had Baked Chicken and Corn Chowder.  I couldn’t eat Smith’s Corn Chowder (or at least I always assumed so…), maybe I’ll try my own tomorrow.  Up tomorrow at Smith?  Baby Back Ribs were always a favorite, but are pretty expensive and time consuming these days.  But also up are Stuffed Shells, Minestrone Soup, Roast Beef, London Broil, and Breakfast At Night.

I wasn’t always a fan of eating dining hall food day in and day out, and there were plenty of challenges for many of us with special food needs.  But when I can’t come up with any ideas for what I can make that’s fairly easy, tasty, and has a reasonable price tag, I look at what Smith is making.  … Just don’t rule out tofu from your diet because Smith Dining doesn’t understand it.


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  1. This is a brilliant idea! I love it!

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