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Food at Smith College was pretty amazing for college food. They (usually) knew what was in everything, there was desert all the time (even if I usually couldn’t eat it), and there were enough dining halls so that (even if you had to go to more than one) you could almost always get a full […]

Not even a month ago, (most of) a family I’m friendly with came to visit Washington DC.  They were on a whirlwind tour, taking the holiday break to show off more of the country than just their (adorable!) classic New England town to the local high school’s two Turkmeni exchange students.  It was bitterly cold, […]

Look, I know I’m not the only one rushing to agree or disagree (or both) with Mark Bittman’s recent NYT Article, but here are my thoughts about what- over and above the obvious standards- is useful to have around: Stock:  Bittman suggests not bothering at all with canned/boxed stock.  I’m not buying it.  Yes, I […]