I simply remember my favorite things!


When I still worked at the Smith College library, one of the staff librarians asked me what my favorite food was.  I… didn’t have an answer.  She assumed that this meant I didn’t like food.  Not the case— I actually like too much food to be able to give that answer.

Here is as concise a list of my favorite food as I can give you.  It’s not organized.  It’s also not very concise.  But I did try.

I love steak sandwiches with peppers and onions and mushrooms and thousand island dressing. I love pad thai, and massaman curry, and pineapple fried rice, and tofu triangles. I love beef lo mein, and beef moo-shoo, and fried dumplings, and orange chicken, and scallion pancakes, and sesame tofu. Tempura. I love kettle corn. I love pasta with most kinds of sauce and wine biscuits. Chicken Piccata.   I love raspberries and blackberries, pineapple and peaches. Oranges. Fried Bananas, plantains. I love dark chocolate. Chocolate soy ice cream. I love creme bruleé. I love samosas and naan, mango chicken, aloo gobi, biryani. Fluff. Bento Boxes from Haruki, any of the wraps and/or falafel at East Side Pockets (both in providence). Cold Pizza Strips from anywhere on Federal Hill, and almost anywhere in Rhode Island. Guacamole, refried beans, fajitas, burritos. Fresh Corn. Shrimp Scampi. Broccoli, steamed. Cauliflower roasted. Summer rolls, Vietnamese beef vermicelli. Bacon.  Sausage Biscuits or Sausage McGriddles from McDonalds  (I’m a very bad person for this, but it’s true). Chili.  Pulled Pork, Beef Brisket, Hush Puppies, corn fritters, sweet potatoes. Nutter Butters. Peanut Butter Oreos. Orange Juice, Cranberry blend juices (cran ras, cran grape, cran apple), Pineapple Juice, Vitamin Water (my favorite is Balance), Mountain Dew. Koobidah Kabobs, Shish Kabob. Souvlaki. Baklava.  Basil. Pesto. Tomatos. French Onion Soup. Ribollita. Foccacia. Bread pudding, Rice pudding. Chocolate Silk, very vanilla Silk.  Cashews, pecans. Gummy Worms. Chocolate covered Espresso beans. Hummus and tabbouleh and tahini. Portabello mushrooms, especially with spinach and roasted red peppers in a sandwich.  Catfish Bites from the Noho Brewery. Pierogies.  Eggplant Roulettes, Spanokopida, ravioli, stuffed shells. Jasmine Rice. Ghiaradelli Hot Chocolate.  Stuffed Peppers. Rao’s Coffee.  Rosemary bread from Hungry Ghost. Chai.  Scones from Petsi PiesRay’s Hell Burger is pretty yummy as well.

Foods I don’t like: Puttanesca Sauce, Tunafish (Note:  I like Tuna steak just fine.  It’s the stuff from cans and pouches I can’t deal with.)  I’m not a huge fan of seaweed, although I can deal with smaller amounts.


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