I wonder if there’s an EZ Bake Oven in the Tardis?


I’ve been sick, and then I was traveling AND sick, and now I’m mostly better but only just, so I figured I would get back to it with something less strenuous.

When I was a kid, I always had to wash my hands before coming to the table.  Now, I was a kid, and I played in the dirt and didn’t always clean my hands after that, and kids find all sorts of ways to get germs onto their hands, so washing your hands before you eat was a Very Good Thing for my parents to make me do.

When I cook, especially when sick or handling raw meat, I wash my hands a lot.  Not as much as maybe I might, but I’m pretty good about it.

But when I’m not cooking, more often than not, I don’t wash my hands before I eat.  And when was the last time you saw an adult wash their hands right before a meal when they weren’t cooking or doing something else dirty immediately before?  When I play in the dirt as an adult, I wash my hands right after.  But I touch door knobs, elevator buttons, computers, and all sorts of other things before I eat.

I’m not suggesting that everyone perfect the art of washing one’s hands in a public bathroom and then touching nothing afterward (through clever paper towel usage), I’m not suggesting that we all carry around Purell 24/7…  But recently getting sick, I’m reminded of the silly little things we do to avoid getting sick, and washing one’s hands is one of the good things to do that doesn’t really have much cost in our society.  I think that washing our hands after going to the bathroom AND washing our hands before we eat (at least most of the time) isn’t too much to ask.  Besides, my mom told me to.

Additionally, if you like geeky British people being funny, you might want to watch Kamikazi Cookery, in which three blokes cook food.  Some funnier than others, I liked Normal Person vs. Gordon Ramsay (Mom, they swear in the video.  Gordon Ramsay swears a lot.  It’s somewhat of a joke.) and Normal Person vs. Jamie Oliver.  The blog also includes such things as what a Time Lord would eat at a pizza party.  If that’s your kind of thing (and Dad, I know it’s not yours) check it out!


3 Responses to “I wonder if there’s an EZ Bake Oven in the Tardis?”

  1. 1 Mom

    Do I dare ask what is in the Tardis or what is the Tardis? I must admit have no idea.

  2. 2 cosetthetable

    For the record, I called my Mother and explained the Tardis to her.

  3. 3 Karen

    I think there is probably a 60″ Wolf range inside the Tardis. Plus an EZ Bake Oven for those times you just need an artificially flavoured strawberry cake.

    I hope you are feeling better.

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