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Major Failure


I usually post when I make yummy things.  Usually the things are either good and easy to make, or really good and a little bit harder.  You might get the impression that I eat well all the time. Of course, you don’t hear about night before last’s stir fry that was perfectly fine, just not […]

When I still worked at the Smith College library, one of the staff librarians asked me what my favorite food was.  I… didn’t have an answer.  She assumed that this meant I didn’t like food.  Not the case— I actually like too much food to be able to give that answer. Here is as concise […]

I’ve been sick, and then I was traveling AND sick, and now I’m mostly better but only just, so I figured I would get back to it with something less strenuous. When I was a kid, I always had to wash my hands before coming to the table.  Now, I was a kid, and I […]