I miss Cambridge sometimes.


So, my little GoogleMap of many of my favorite places is resisting being an actual map on the side there.  I’m kind of assuming that WordPress is objecting somehow, and so I haven’t tried very hard either.  In any case, I wanted to talk about some of my favorite Boston-area establishments before I forgot them or they went out of business.


There are only two choices.  Those choices are Blue Ribbon and Redbones.  The choice isn’t the easiest.  We went out to both quite a bit over the summer.  My conclusion?  Blue Ribbon has better, more “authentic” meat.  The pulled pork is good Carolina Style.  (And I don’t even like Carolina bbq sauce.).  But the sides aren’t quite as good as at Redbones.  Still, the point of BBQ is usually the meat, so if you were doing take out, I would probably usually go with Blue Ribbon.

But if you’re going out, Redbones has a significantly better atmosphere.  The bar is….  barlike.  And my favorite part about Redbones?  There’s a counter looking into the kitchen.  Not only do you usually get some sort of complimentary appetizer, but you get to watch this kitchen at work.  These guys are hardcore.  Think “lifting logs with kitchen tongs”.  And while the meat isn’t quite as good as Blue Ribbon, it’s still really good.


Darwin’s Ltd.  was closest, and decent.  Good sandwiches, and reasonable coffee and tea.  But there was really only room for one in my heart, and that was Petsi Pies.  You see, when I was living in Northampton, I fell deeply in love with Rao’s Coffee, badly enough that I really don’t like most other coffee anymore.  My boyfriend–before he was my boyfriend– drove from Boston to the Valley fueled mainly by a Rao’s craving.  So when we saw someone outside our building with a Rao’s cup, we just about pounced.  We could have our precious espresso again?

But it got better.  Not only was there the delicious coffee, but there were amazing baked goods.  I don’t usually love scones, and I loved these.  Biscuits, brioche, muffins, pie….  So yummy!!  The breakfast sandwiches at the Cambridge location are wonderful as well.  I nearly cried when we left Petsi’s on moving day. It’s more than a little pathetic, but it’s still true.


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