I’ve never had a problem with rice.  I have two things going for me– I basically follow the directions, and I have easy to control stovetops.  Key things to mention— Wash jasmine rice.  Yes, most colanders will lose some rice in the process– you can do it over a pot or bowl to minimize loss– but it’s important for yummy rice.  If you’ve got Basmati rice, wash it and then soak it for a good half hour.

I don’t ever bother putting butter or oil in it when first cooking it, although I do sometimes afterwards.  Other than that, I just follow the instructions on the package.  Usually these involve “put rice and water into pot, boil, as soon as it’s boiling, turn down to very low, cover, let sit for about 15 minutes, turn heat off”.

This past summer, we had use of a very tempremental gas stove.  I’m not used to gas, at all.  I couldn’t keep a burner on “low” for the life of me.  It was either too hot or it went out altogether.  I didn’t really make rice this past summer, but I imagine my inability to keep it on “low” would present a problem.  A friend recently noted having problems making rice on her gas stove, and I wonder if it’s for this very reason.  In any case, I offer her (and you) a potential solution, from How To Eat Supper

Cook rice like pasta.  Lightly salt the water, boil about a cup of rice for about 10 minutes (it’ll still be undercooked), drain it in a sieve, and then put it back in the pot, covered.  After 5-10 minutes, fluff it and serve it.

I’ve got a backlog, and I’ve finally got some sleep since Election Day.  Hopefully I’ll get some other stuff up soon.


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