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I read a bunch of food blogs.  When Food Gawker featured this Applesauce Bread, my boyfriend wanted it.  I made it.  It didn’t seem spectacular– no fireworks or anything.  But as it sat in the kitchen, it got munched on, and munched on, and by the time we were clearing up the kitchen to go […]

So, my little GoogleMap of many of my favorite places is resisting being an actual map on the side there.  I’m kind of assuming that WordPress is objecting somehow, and so I haven’t tried very hard either.  In any case, I wanted to talk about some of my favorite Boston-area establishments before I forgot them […]

My senior year of high school was a roller coaster, as most of my friends from the time know. But as I graduated in the spring of 2004, things were mostly getting better. I remember watching the Democratic National Convention that summer with my closest friends. I liked John Kerry more because he wasn’t Bush […]



I’ve never had a problem with rice.  I have two things going for me– I basically follow the directions, and I have easy to control stovetops.  Key things to mention— Wash jasmine rice.  Yes, most colanders will lose some rice in the process– you can do it over a pot or bowl to minimize loss– […]

Pecan Pie is one of those friendly foods that doesn’t usually have milk anywhere other than the crust (and even then, you can avoid it).  And since the chocolate is bittersweet, as long as you buy good chocolate, you’re good there too. The first time I made this, I used juuust enough chocolate to cover […]