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First off, there’s a new “page” up near the top about why I cook. It’s a sort of rambling essay.  It will probably get rewritten a few times.  If you’re curious about how I grew up eating, when I started reading and writing about food, or which cookbooks/chefs I hold in highest regard, you will […]

Stuffed Peppers


Stuffed Peppers appear to be becoming a staple. They have all of the strengths I look for-  they don’t require side dishes, they don’t require a whole lot of work, they’re very versatile, and they reheat really well.  Oh, and they taste yummy. What I used this time: A cup and a half of Basmati […]

Weeknight Soup


The weather is getting colder, and soup and stew is on the menu again.  If you’re organized, you can make stew well ahead of time and put it in the crock pot.  But you’ll still have times when you get home from work, and realize there is nothing to eat.  And you want soup, and […]

Having moved to Virginia, I’ve really moved for the first time-  I even have a Virgina license and everything.  I’m registered to vote.  And while I’m not really sure if I’m really a Virginian yet, it turns out I don’t actually have to worry about whether I think I am or not. Appearing earlier today […]