What Not to Eat


We watch a LOT of BBC America.  And listen to a lot of BBC Radio.  And for certain things that haven’t yet gotten to BBC America, for instance, the most recent season of Doctor Who….. well….  we get it somehow.  I don’t have a problem with American Trash TV, but my boyfriend does, so we watch the same thing, just with British accents.

The result is we’ve watched quite a bit of Gillian McKeith’s You Are What You Eat.  This woman has a PhD in holistic nutrition in a distance learning learning program from the non-accredited American Holistic College of Nutrition.  (*Cough*).  The jist of her show is that she takes an overweight person who is eating utter trash, and then she changes their life in 8 weeks.  She does a few standard blood tests, but the main focus is that she examines their tongue (odd slashes?  Your spleen isn’t working properly!), and their poo(which really only reflects what they’ve eaten recently, but at least there’s some rationale here).

She then shows them what they’ve eaten in the past week on one table, and then shows them the table of what they will be eating.  She cuts out almost all meat, most sugars, almost all yeast, white rice, white pasta…. caffeine, sugar, chocolate, alcohol……

I realize I’m unusual.  The only eating problem I’ve had is occasionally being somewhat underweight.  My first year of college, when someone said “you look like you’ve lost weight,” it wasn’t a compliment, it was concern.  Learning how to get enough calories and protein on a budget, eating reasonably healthy foods, and not having to eat every 20 minutes was difficult, but hardly Nobel worthy.  And beyond that, I also don’t even have a fake PhD in the subject.

My best suggestion is the one that many people won’t be able to do easily:  Live with a vegetarian.  Don’t cook separate meals.  Separate side dishes are fine, separate add ons, great.  Meat is flavoring.  Meat is a little bit of what you’re putting in a tortilla, some of what goes in a good sandwich.  A small part of a great curry.  A nice note on top of pasta.  If meat is the largest part of most of your meals, you’re paying too much money, not enjoying it enough, and you’re risking your heart.  I felt very gross when I initially cut down on the total amount of meat I ate.  I now feel so much better, and eat so much better.  And save a lot of money.

But that’s me.  I don’t have to look at your poo to tell you that your body might work better with some other sort of diet.  Even not working out most days of the week, I can still eat almost whatever I want.  That’ll change by my mid 40’s.  I would eat well my entire life than have to suddenly change everything I eat just to be able to be comfortable with my body.

But I’m not giving up white things– pasta, rice,  and bread.  I can eat some whole grain stuff some of the time…..  but I really like jasmine rice….


One Response to “What Not to Eat”

  1. I can vouch for what you said, my ex roomie was vegetarian and I lost quite a bit of weight then 🙂 we shared cooking if we were both home.

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